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WWE Cruiserweight Weight Classic- Episode 1

Before I dive into the Cruiserweight Classic I have to say whoever’s idea it was to have Nakamura take on Finn Balor right before the Cruiserweight Classic is genius. Nakamura and Balor represent everything that is great about professional wrestling. For me growing up during the Monday Night Wars the Cruiserweight’s represented what was great about WCW Nitro. I had a feeling going into the Cruiserweight Classic that it was going to be something special. This first week had some incredible matches and you definitely got a taste of how great this is going. Maura Ranello and Daniel Bryan both stated that there would a variety of styles. Well they weren’t kidding and those styles definitely were fun to watch in opening week. 

The first match that kicked off the classic was Grand Metalik and Alejandro Saez. Grand Metalik looked phenomenal and Saez had some decent offense himself. What a great way to kick off the Classic with some crazy high flying moves. It was great to see Daivari’s brother Ariya Daivari in this tournament. He was already getting some heat because of his brothers association with Muhammad Hassan. Ho Ho Lun has a great story and I am actually shocked he went over on a guy who had ties to the company at one point. I am looking forward to seeing more of Ho Ho Lun, One guy I was really looking happy to see in this tournament is Cedric Alexander. This guy has been around for awhile now and he did a lot of great things in ROH, Clement Petiot has a great technical wrestling style that he brings with him. Even though Petiot did not advance I think he would make a great addition to NXT with his technical wrestling. I hope this opened a door for Cedric Alexander because he’s been working hard for many years and deserves a shot at the spotlight.

It was great to see Kota Ibushi in the main event of the first week against Sean Maluta. Ibushi is an international name and is one of my picks to make it to the finals. The only thing I didn’t like is that Maluta should have had a different first round opponent. I would have like to seen more of the newest Samoan to make their debut in WWE but he had a hell of a match with Ibushi. We do know Ibushi will take on Cedric Alexander in the 2nd round. Overall I think the presentation is great. I love the graphics, the code of honor and how they declare the winners at the end of each match. I think this tournament is going to be a huge success for the company and it’s going to be really interesting if they bring back the WWE Cruiserweight Title.  Next week you will see Tajiri vs. Damian Slater, TJ Perkins vs. Da Mack, Lince Darado vs.Mustafa Ali, and Akira Tozawa vs. Kenneth Johnson. Tune in next week to see what transpires in the Cruiserweight Classic.

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