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Previewing and Predicting NXT TakeOver 2 and WWE Summerslam 2016

This weekend will arguably be the biggest weekend WWE has this year. Most say that Wrestlemania is the biggest weekend of the year but many dubbed Wrestlemania 32 as a failure. When you look at what has happened since then Wrestlemania was a failure. With that being said a lot has changed in four months. We have had the brand split, the new era, an overhaul in NXT and the addition of the Cruiserweight Title. This also marks the 25th Anniversary of my all time favorite pay-per-view Summerslam 1991. I hope this years Summerslam is as good as the one 25 years ago. With that being said here is what we have to look forward to this weekend. 

No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries
Austin Aries has two very impressive TakeOvers since his arrival. He took on Baron Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura in two very good matches. No Way Jose has some crazy energy that puts him in the same category as the New Day, Enzo/Cass, and The New Day. As much I would like to Aries win I see Jose getting the victory and building his career and character even further then it was before.
Andrade Almas vs. Bobby Roode
This a very tough match for me because Almas is very new to NXT programing but this will be Bobby Roode’s first match on NXT programming. I think with Roode’s character and his experience he will have a GLORIOUS victory and debut in Brooklyn. However this will be a highly compatetive match that I look forward to seeing.
NXT Tag Team Championship: The Revival(c) vs. Johnny Gargano/Tomasso Ciampa
I like The Revival but I feel that they are so ready to come to the main roster. With the lack of depth in the tag team divisions because of the draft Raw or Smackdown could very well benefit from this team coming to their show. After what I saw from Gargano and Ciampa in the Cruiserweight Classic they deserve this opportunity to shine. I got to go with the Gargano and Ciampa on this match.
NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Asuka(c)
I believe this is a given. After Bayley’s appearance at Battleground I believe she’s going to give the NXT fans one last great match to remember her by. Asuska has not lost yet since arriving to NXT and I don’t feel like this will be any different. This match has big shoes to fill considering what Bayley did with Sasha Banks last year. I will be very shocked if Bayley comes away as the two time NXT Women’s Champion.
NXT Championship: Samoa Joe(c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Some people it takes awhile for them to make an impact and others make an impact right away. Shinsuke Nakamura made a huge impact right away when he made his debut Wrestling weekend. He had a match of a lifetime against Sami Zayn and has been NXT’s most beloved star since. Samoa Joe has clawed his away for a long time. Samoa Joe needs to be on the main roster because he’s on the same level as an AJ Styles. I believe this is Nakamura’s time and I believe this will be the start of his rise in WWE. The King of Strong Style will become the King of NXT.
First Match of the Best of 7 Series: Cesaro vs. Sheamus
I have heard a lot of criticism of this being made. Some say it’s boring, some say it will get old and I’ve even heard this will be people’s piss break match. I think this match is really going to showcase the absolute best out of both men and it’s going to show once and for all that both men deserve the main event spotlight. I am going to give the first match to Cesaro. 
Enzo Amore/Big Cass vs. Jeri-KO
I think the pairing of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens is complete genius. They are two of the best heels WWE has ever had and I think working with Jericho will only elevate Owens even more. I think this is a transition match for Enzo and Cass because I have a feeling a tag team championship situation is in their future. I am giving the nod to the Certified G’s on this one. Look for the Barclays Center to banana’s when their hometown boys hit the arena on Sunday
Intercontinental Championship: The Miz(c) vs. Apollo Crews
I don’t even have to think about this one. If Apollo Crews does not win this match then whole mission of statement of Smackdown has failed. This is suppose to be about the future and new era right? Well if Apollo Crews doesn’t win then it’s a step back from what they are trying to do. Crews is athletic, has a great look and just has the overall presence of a champion. Out with The Miz and in with Crews,
WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Day(c) vs. The Club
The New Day have been the WWE Tag Team Champions for a year now. They have taken on all comers but it’s time for The Club to take over. The Club has won tag team gold everywhere they have went. Summerslam will be no different.because The Club will kill New Day’s magical run with the Magic Killer.
United States Championship: Rusev(c)
I am not sure how I feel about Reigns getting a shot at another title. I still think his punishment isn’t over quite yet. I don’t see Rusev beating him cleanly though. I think Rusev keeps the title by losing via disqualification. I think in a few more months Reigns will be pushed right back into the WWE Universal Title picture. I hope the match is as good as the one they had the Monday before Summerslam. 
John Cena vs. AJ Styles
I am so sick of hearing about Cena burying talent or Style being misused. AJ Styles has been used perfectly since his arrival at the Royal Rumble. We all know Cena is slowing down and working less. It is for this reason that AJ Styles will come out victorious against Cena at Summerslam. I believe this victory will propel him into the WWE Championship picture and will face the winner of Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. 
WWE Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks(c) vs. Charlotte
The Boss returns to Brooklyn where she had her greatest match last year against Bayley. I think this match is going to rank right up there. Charlotte has been pushing hard for the last two years non-stop between NXT and WWE’s Main Roster. It’s rumored that she will take some time off after Sunday so I will be curious to see if those rumors are true. Even without those rumors I believe Sasha will retain, and continue on through the end of the year as WWE Women’s Champion.
Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton
This match is 14 years in the making and it’s coming at an interesting time. There are rumors Lesnar will be champion during Wrestlemania season. There are rumors Goldberg is going to return. There are rumors beyond rumors but I don’t care about rumors. As a fan I really feel Lesnar should lose as punishment due to his failed drug tests at UFC 200. I know he wasn’t tested by WWE but he was there representing and be promoted as a WWE star. As a business man I think making Lesnar lose would hurt the momentum he’s had since his return. I can’t give a definite winner but I predict that an F5 will be reversed into an RKO out of nowhere.
WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
Everyone think it’s a foregone conclusion that Ambrose will walk out champion. In my heart of heart I believe it too. In this world where everything is considered predictable I really would love to see a swerve here and watch Dolph Ziggler walk out as WWE Champion. Ziggler has been compared to Shawn Michaels and Curt Hennig through out his career and I can fully see why. He’s that good in the ring but so is Dean. I have a feeling that this match will be off the charts and both men will have leave us talking after this match is over. Ambrose will win but Ziggler will prove that this title shot was long overdue. 
WWE Universal Championship: Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins
Who will be the first Universal Champion? What does the championship look like? There are so many questions heading into this incredible match. This will be the first time Balor and Rollins will face each other on WWE programming. I can honestly not find any past evidence of them facing each other outside of WWE. This should be the Main Event because this match will steal the show. Both men are great performers, both gifted in the ring and will bring everything they have to outshine each other and the rest of the matches at Summerslam. At the end of this match you will Finn Balor holding the WWE Universal Championship.
NXT TakeOver and Summerslam have so many great matches too look forward to. How can you not be excited for Summerslam weekend? I truly believe the new era, and the new stars are going to make this Summerslam weekend one to remember for a long time. Check back for results and thoughts on both shows. It’s time for red hot action. It’s time for Summerslam!

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