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WWE Cruiserweight Classic- Episode 5

After watching the final match of round one between Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa last week, I really wondered how the first part of round two was going to follow up. Round was so fun to watch and it really gave me a sense of hope and excitement for some of the future talent that’s coming to WWE. The fact that some of these competitors are going to be on the flagship show is probably giving them a reason to compete harder and showcase more then they ever have before. Round two kicked off tonight and let’s just say it didn’t disappoint.
The first match of the night was the legendary Taijiri taking on Grand Metalik. Everyone knows about the Japanese Buzzsaw but Grand Metalik had an incredible first round match against Alejandro Saez. Metalik had another impressive match against Taijiri. Both men had some really great technical mat wrestling during the match. I was really shocked to see Taijiri lose to Metalik but a guy like Taijiri didn’t need a boost to his career. This will go a long way into helping Metalik’s career out. The Main Event of the evening was Cedric Alexander taking on Kota Ibushi. Last week I thought Gargano-Ciampa couldn’t get any better but I was wrong. Ibushi and Alexander tore the house down. This match was so dynamic from the start and it didn’t stop. I am still in awe of the match I saw between Cedric Alexander. Kota Ibushi may have won this phenomenal match but I tip my hat to Cedric Alexander. He has come a long ways since I have first started watching him 10 years ago, You know this was a special match when the fans chant “Please Sign Cedric” and Triple H comes out to shake his hands and gives a thumbs pretty much saying I go this. How do you follow this up?
Next we will see Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher,  Noam Dar vs. Hoho Lun and Brian Kendrick vs. Tony Nese. I keep asking how do you follow up with what we saw tonight but there has not been one bad match on this tournament. I am just so impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Every professional wrestling should be watching this tournament regardless of what promotion you like or don’t like.I hope you continue to keep tuning and checking back for more recaps of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

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