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WWE Cruiserweight Classic- Episode 6

Last week on the Cruiserweight Classic we saw Cedric Alexander get a stand ovation and a approval from Triple H. It is being reported that the other participant in that match Kota Ibushi will not be signing with WWE. I am wondering how this will play out in the tournament. I would think that WWE would not have someone win that they cannot build a future with. That discussion is for later because we have to focus on now. Tonight had some more incredible matches as well and we got a step closer to seeing who would advance further in this classic tournament. 
The first match of the evening was between Akira Tozawa and Jack Gallagher. You talk about a clash of personalities and styles. There some comedy spots that turned into some serious hard hitting action. I have not see this much great technical mat wrestling out of someone in a longtime but Gallagher definitely showed what he’s made of. Tozawa won the match which I don’t agree with but Gallagher earned himself a WWE contract in my opinion. Following them was Noam Dar and HoHo Lun which had the better result in my opinion. It was a very competative match but was not happy to see Lun beat Ariya Daivari in the first round. I am glad Lun has developed pro wrestling in China but I was very happy to Noam Dar with his ability and the “Darth Vader” chant move on to the second round. In the Main Event Brian Kendrick took on Tony Nese. Both men have a chip on their shoulder and both know time is running out on them to make an impact in WWE. The Brian Kendrick may have won the match but Nese reminded of a vicious version of Apollo Crews. What an awesome match between and Nese and Kendrick that made this week very enjoyable to watch.
There hasn’t been one bad match yet but it was hard to get into it this week because of what happened last week. I mean Kota Ibushi and Cedric Alexander should be a Match of the Year candidate so how do you follow that. Next week we will see Lince Darado vs. Rich Swann, Zach Sabre Jr. vs Drew Gulak, and Johnny Gargano vs. TJ Perkins. This will be the end of round two. I am looking forward to seeing next weeks matches especially Gargano and Perkins. Be sure to keep checking back for more on the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. 

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