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The Controversy of Corner and Criticism: NHL-Olympics, Paying College Athletes and More

Earlier this week the NHL announced would not be accommodating the schedule so NHL players could participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Since 1998, the NHL has accommodated the schedule so the worlds greatest hockey players could represent their country.  Allowing the NHL players to represent their country has brought some great moments in the past. I will never forget the 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Game between the USA and Canada. I am not a huge hockey fan by any means but it was the greatest hockey game I have ever witnessed.  With many great moments why make it difficult? Is it a political move? No one has come out and said that but you never know what pressure politics can put on people. I think that this move could be a result of the multiple injuries we saw in the World Baseball Classic and how teams are being effected. If I am an athlete I think playing for the pride of my country is worth more then the money that comes and goes. I think Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League need to put something in their Collective Bargaining Agreement that either allows or bans players from representing their country. There needs to be a crystal clear agreement without all the backlash. I also think that there needs to be a clause in the contracts that if they play outside of their contract in MLB and NHL, and they get injured then they forfeit the money for however long they are out action. Alex Ovechkin has already stated that he is going to play for his country and Sidney Crosby said he is disappointed in the decision. When you are getting backlash from two of your top stars there needs to be some sort of solution sooner rather then later.

On Monday Night, the North Carolina Tarheels won the National Championship by beating Gonzaga in an awesome Championship game. Shortly after that J.J. Redick says all College Athletes should be paid. The ACC made a lot of money this year and he says that North Carolina is a walking billboard for the Jordan Brand. While I respect J.J. Redick’s passion for College Basketball I do not agree with his logic. These athletes are already getting payment by getting full ride athletic scholarships to play a sport and get a quality education. Playing a sport is a privilege and you don’t get paid privileges. There are so many things that could go wrong if College Athletes started getting paid. What if they don’t make grades? What if they are involved in legal issues? What if they are not performing on the court the way you thought they would? All of these scenarios could come into play and then what? Do you stop paying them? Do you kick them out of school? Like I said all of these things would become very complicated if College Athletes started getting paid. My advice is to College Athletes is be grateful for the scholarship and great education. If you want to make money the play as hard as you can so you can make it to the NBA.

Some of the biggest rumors going on in the NFL right now involve the New England Patriots. Adrian Peterson is visiting the Patriots this week which is huge for him. At this point in his career I think he wants a Super Bowl ring and money is not an issue. He’s running out of time so the time is right for him to join a contender. The other news that is going on is the issues between Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks. There is talk of Sherman possibly being traded and the Patriots are one of the teams in the mix. If somehow Peterson and Sherman both end up with New England I don’t see how they lose a game and not make it to the Super Bowl. I think the only team that might be able to stop them is if the Oakland Raiders end up getting Marshawn Lynch. The AFC is going to be highly competitive if these transactions actually happen.

It’s been a wild week so far in terms of sports new and rumors. A lot of big events have taken place in the last week. There was Wrestlemania weekend, the end of March Madness and this week The Masters. I am sure The Masters will be epic as it always is. Until next time remember Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!

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