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Fantasy Warfare: n.W.o vs. Bullet Club

In 1996, the trio of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash made history at WCW’s annual event Bash at the Beach. The three men formed what forever been know as the n.W.o. The infamous black and white faction took over the entire WCW company. The n.W.o. was dominant from the time they started through the end of 1997. During the spring of 1998, the n.W.o. split off into two separated into two factions. Kevin Nash led the black and red which was know as the Wolfpack, and the Hogan led the original black and white. By the time the spring of 1999 had hit the n.W.o. had fizzled out and everyone went there separate ways. The n.W.o  had made a brief appearance in 2000 before WCW closed down and the original three members showed up in WWE in 2002. The n.W.o. was expected to get a heavy push when they showed up in WWE but the fans were too behind Hogan for it to work. Consequently the n.W.o. only last four months in WWE but the legacy the left on pro wrestling still is present today.

The Bullet Club started in 2013 by it’s original leader Fergal Devitt(Finn Balor). It originally started with Devitt, Bad Luck Fale, Karl Anderson and Tama Tonga. Over time the Bullet Club added Luke Gallows, The Young Bucks and A.J. Styles. The Bullet Club continues to evolve today with adding new members as older ones depart. In the last year, we have seen Adam Cole, Cody Rhodes, and Marty Scurll join the Bullet Club, which continues to make the faction relevant and successful. Currently Kenny Omega is their leader is doing great things in Japan while past members such as Devitt, Anderson, Gallows an Styles have all found success in WWE. The Bullet Club also has their own little groups within their faction. They have had The Elite, The Superkliq and various tag teams in their faction.

In terms of an overall lasting impact on the business the n.W.o. set off a chain reaction of events that effected the entire pro wrestling business. Without the n.W.o there might not have been Degeneration-X, the Attitude Era and the highest point that pro wrestling had ever seen at that point. I think the success of The Bullet Club is something that has come full circle. They modeled themselves after the n.W.o., but Eric Bischoff stated he got the n.W.o. idea from something he saw in Japan. The Bullet Club has dominated in Japan, Ring of Honor and other various worldwide independent promotions. I believe The Bullet Club has the better athletes and in ring competitors. There are two things that really hurt the n.W.o. during their run. The first being is that they had way too many members. At one point there was over 20 members in the n.W.o.  whereas The Bullet Club has had maybe 10. If the n.W.o. would have stuck around 6 or 8 members the impact would have been greater and the faction would have lasted longer. The Bullet Club has always pushed each other to be better whereas the members of the n.W.o. were always trying to outshine each other. The egos were always getting in the way which really prevented the group from reach higher then they should have. No matter what you think of either group both have had a huge impact on the business in the past and present. They both are too sweet, and their legacies are for life.

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