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A Rising Star: Interview with “Wannabe” Alex Weir

When I started following the Michigan Independent Scene in 2002 I never knew just how much talent their was outside of WWE. My first memories were watching great performers like N8 Mattson, Truth Martini, Jimmy Jacobs, Jack Thriller, Jeff King, Josh Raymond and many others. Even my friends in wrestling like Noah Lott, BAM, Fabuzio, Dollar and Adam Renolds have done have some really incredible things in their time with professional wrestling. In recent years, some of the guys who have stood out to me are Aaron Orion, CJ Anderson, Rod Street, Louis Lyndon, and many others. Over the last year I have been hearing one name consistently and how fast he’s made impression. Everyone I’ve talked to has had nothing but great things to say about him. The name Alex Weir has been catching fire and with great reason. After watching quite a few of his matches and learning about his background I knew I had to find out more about him. Once I learned more about this very young, unique and charismatic performer I knew his story and his dreams needed to be shared with the world. Without further ado I give you Alex Weir:

What inspired you to get into professional wrestling?
I’ve been watching wrestling since i could think. My whole family was a wrestling family. But wrestling was always more than that to me. When i was growing up, that was the time I saw Rey Mysterio win the World Title, and it showed me that little guys like myself can make it in this business and in this world. Pro wrestling also gave me a chance to prove I’m the best in the world and compete at that level.

When did you start training and who did train with?
I started training to be a pro wrestler in late 2015. My trainers name is Andrew D’arcy. Andrew taught me psychology better than I think anyone else could. He taught me all about the “why” of wrestling and not just doing things you see on the internet.

How was your pro wrestling training similar and different from your martial arts training?
They were both very similar. When i started pro wrestling training, I was already a high rank in martial arts, so it was weird to be at the bottom of a totem pole again, but both the hardcore training I received from both made me the warrior i am today. Especially when i started to combine the two.

How has your martial arts training helped you inside a pro wrestling ring?
It has made me the deadliest competitor to step through those ropes. Everyone else on the indies thinks they can kick hard or hit hard. i know I hit hard. I hit harder than anyone in Japan, Canada, England and America. No one else has the level of martial arts training that i do. My opponents walk around backstage with ice packs for a reason. My Martial Arts skill is also why I was asked to Join my new family, The Death Threat Army. We are a bunch of bad-ass killers and warriors, and we plan to take over Pro wrestling. They needed people who weren’t afraid to hit hard and get the job done, so they came to me.

During your time so far who have been some of your favorite opponents?
Three men come to mind. so ill talk about them individually but not in any particular order. The first is Kef Sweat. Before I could enter the ring, I watched this man run his mouth in my hometown and cheat his way to the top. When I finally got the chance to shut his mouth I had one of the best matches of my career. Hopefully one day I’ll get another one on one with him. The second is Jack Price. Being part of the same faction means sometimes you have to prove yourself and I did just that against Jack Price. Before I joined the Ranks of the Death Threat Army, I had to prove I could fight, so I had several matches against Price. Every match was something to see and we’ve only had three matches against each other. Every one is different and has better than the last. I suggest you watch them.
My third opponent I have had great matches with is Commander Aaron Orion. Aaron found me training out side the Flint City Market one day and offered me an opportunity to join his army. Of course i accepted but I had many trials ahead of me. My first test was helping him gain The CIW championship and then it was fighting Jack Price. Finally I had to fight him and my fight against him might have been the best match of  my career so far.

Who are some of your dream opponents on the Michigan Independent Scene?
In the Michigan Scene, only one man comes to mind. because I haven’t had a one on one with him yet. That person would be MM3. The kid can hit almost as hard as I do,  and I feel that if we had a match against each other it would be something Special.

Who are some of your dream opponents in places like New Japan, ROH and WWE?
In New Japan, I would say Kenny Omega, Ricochet, and Kota Ibushi. Omega is a hell of a wrestler and I think the battle of the knees would be a great story.The same goes with Ricochet. He’s an athlete who is one of the best right now. Our high flying arsenals would mesh well together. Ibushi is a martial artist like myself, so a strong style fight would be awesome. In ROH, it would  have to be Will Osperay.  It’s the same reason I have for Ricochet. The whole match would be in the air. Finally in WWE, only one name comes to mind and that is AJ Styles. When I met him a while back I had told him that I wanted to step in the ring with him. It’s not because I am a fan, but we have almost the same build in bodies. No one is a better story teller than him and the best way to learn is to fight.

Your parents are very supportive of what you’re doing in Martial Arts and Professional Wrestling. What does their support mean to you?
It means the world to me. To have my parents and girlfriend in my corner supporting me, makes me believe I can succeed in this. Always having someone to cheer me on and keep me going really helps.

What are your future goals in Martial Arts?
I only have one goal and that’s to be the best.  I want to be the man everyone wants to be. I also want to teach a new wave of great Martial Artists.  I want to pass on the knowledge I’ve learned over the years,  and leave a legacy…No, I want to leave a dynasty.

What are your future goals in professional wrestling?
 It’s same goal as Martial Arts. I want to be the best. Not only do I want to be the best, but beat the best as well.  I want to show I’m the hardest hitter in this business, and to be someone everyone wants to step in the ring with all at the same time.

Any final thoughts?
This business isn’t for everyone, but to the people who want this you have to want it more than anyone else. You have to train harder than everyone else and you have to sacrifice more than everyone else. When you finally think your ready and can make it this world I will be right across the ring from you. We’ll see how bad you want it.

I personally would like to thank Alex for taking the time to shed more light on his goals and ambitions. I personally think he is going to to do great things and have a lot of memorable matches and highlights for years to come. For more info check his page out at

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  1. Alex weir is doing a great job at being an assistant in karate teaching kids and doing wrestling. Alex Weir is going far in sports and will at some point be champion in wrestling. He is an awesome brother that I call !!

    1. Felix thank you for your feedback. I enjoyed getting to know Alex better and I too think he’s going to go far in sport and pro wrestling. Be sure to follow Hollywood’s World of Sports on Facebook and tell your family and friends who like sports about it! God Bless and have a great day!

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