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Results, Recap and Review of WWE Hell in a Cell 2017

Tonight was the annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view where two big time matches were featured inside the Hell in a Cell. Before the show started it was announced that Tye Dillinger would be added into the United States Title Match that already pitted AJ Styles defending against Baron Corbin. I thought this was a great move considering Tye beat Baron earlier in the week. It was shocking to see WWE do something that made sense from a storyline standpoint for a change. I read a few columns earlier this week that stated Hell in a Cell would be the worse show of the year. Before I decide if I agree with that statement here are the results of Hell in a Cell:

-Preshow: Shelton Benjamin/Chad Gable defeated The Hype Bros.
-The Uso’s defeated The New Day to win the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships inside Hell in a Cell
-Randy Orton defeated Rusev
-Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger and AJ Styles to win the  WWE United States Championship
-Charlotte defeated Natalya by Disqualification; Natalya retains the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship
-Jinder Mahal defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the WWE Championship
-Bobby Roode defeated Dolph Ziggler
-Kevin Owens defeated Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell

The opening match was for the WWE Tag Titles between the New Day and The Uso’s and it took place inside Hell in a Cell. This match was very creative with everything from a cowbell, cymbals, trombones and rainbow colored kendo sticks. This match was pretty good for a PG Hell in a Cell. They were very creative and resourceful during this match, which is why these two team are the best tag teams today. I think this really set the tone for the night and put the pressure on the rest of the roster to have a good night. Following that we had the continued rivalry of Rusev and Randy Orton which has been going on since before Summerslam. I really feel like Rusev’s potential has been wasted on some meaningless matches and rivalries. This guy should have been in the spot that Jinder Mahal is in right now. Rusev was already an established foreign heel and he has the better wrestling skills. This lost against Orton has done nothing more then to further Rusev’s derailed momentum and top heel on Smackdown.

As I mentioned before during the preshow Tye Dillinger was added to the WWE United States Title Match. Neither Corbin or Styles were to happy with the decision. This match was absolutely incredible and I think having Tye made it better than what it was going to be. Dillinger can go in the ring and he showed that tonight. I am not at all surprise Baron Corbin won the U.S. Title tonight because I believe AJ Styles is on to bigger and better things. I believe Corbin’s push should have not be derailed to begin with. His involvement with the concussion lawsuit against the NFL has nothing to do with WWE career so it’s about time WWE righted that wrong.  We go from one title match to another in the Smackdown Women’s Title Match between Natalya and Charlotte. This was a great match between the two legendary families in WWE and I am sure it’s far from over between these two women. I loved the chemistry between these two and you can definitely tell that it’s carried on from Ric Flair and Bret Hart.

The match I was most intrigued by was the WWE Title Match between champion Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura. Mahal has had some really heelish promos and it’s worked because many have been upset by them. Going into this match I was curious to see if Nakamura was going to lose two months in a row to a champion who has not been worthy to hold that title or elevate it any way, shape or form. If they don’t put the title on Nakamura soon then they are going to kill to any momentum he had when he came up from NXT. I will never understand why WWE pushes some people and holds back others. When it comes to Smackdown guys like  Roode,Owens, Sami, Styles, Nakamura, and Corbin should all be in the WWE Title picture and until that happens Smackdown will continue to be the B show. One thing that highlighted the night was the WWE pay-per-view debut of Bobby Roode. I love what Dolph Ziggler has been doing the last few weeks with all the mockery of past WWE entrances. I also think this is Dolph’s final fun because he’s been one of the best in ring competitors in the last 10 years and he’s done everything he can do to be the best. I also think it sucks that Dolph has been doing these one off matches and then disappearing for awhile. He could have had a longer feud with Nakamura and he could have a longer feud with Roode if they decide to go that way.

In the Main Event, Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon squared off inside Hell in a Cell. I had a feeling that this match might be better then Shane vs. Undertaker because Owens is in much better ring shape then Undertaker was. I personally love stories involving the McMahon Family because they are always so intense and sometimes the cross the line. Kevin Owens was the perfect opponent for Shane due to this unforgiving behavior. I love how much KO talks trash during the match. I think this trait makes him one of the best performers in the business. I think this Hell in a Cell Match lived up to the hype as compared to some of the previous ones. I am shocked that at 47, that Shane is still able to do some of the things he does. When they both got on top of the cell I got really nervous on much the cell could handle. I was glad to see that the top of the cell did not break and Owens took a fall that was not as dangerous as some of stuff Shane does. As Shane was diving off the cell Sami Zayn pulled Kevin Owens off of the table. The Sami Zayn heel turn has finally happened and all I have to say is it’s about time. Sami’s career has been floundering for quite some time and they needed to do something extreme. This was an awesome way to end the show and leave the fans wondering what’s next with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

I thought Hell in a Cell was good and far from being the worst show of 2017. Both Hell in a Cell matches were great, the other two championship matches had great storytelling and Dolph Ziggler finally got into a feud that will last longer than a month. I am definitely looking forward to the fallout of Hell in a Cell and how it affects the future of Smackdown.

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