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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 12/8/2017

The Corner of Controversy and Criticism is back and this week there is much to be discussed and debated about. There is no better place to start then what I saw this past Monday during the game between the Steelers and Bengals. This game was physical and certain point uncomfortable. A lot of people have been talking about the fact that JuJu Smith was suspended for one game for his hit on Vontaze Burfict and that George Iloka’s suspension was overturned for his on Antonio Brown. I do not like the fact one was suspended and the other wasn’t. I personally think both Smith and Iloka should have been suspended 2-3 games because it was clearly deliberate and intentional. The NFL is now discussing that a possible rule be put in place that if you’re caught targeting or head hunting that a player be automatically ejected. Personally, that rule should have been put in place since they made head shots illegal. With all the backlash the NFL has received in the past with concussion protocol I think harsher punishments for targeting need to be put in place. You but the judge on if Iloka should have been suspended like Smith was.


It was announced on Friday that highly touted Japanese Free Agent Shohei Ohtani has decided to sign with the Los Angeles Angels after turning offers from the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. I think Ohtani is going to do great in the major leagues but the Angels have been struggling the last few years and they have a lot of ground to make up on teams like the Astros, Red Sox and Yankees. If he was going to sign with an L.A. team he should have signed with a legitimate contender like the Dodgers. Money comes and goes but winning a championship stays with you forever. Speaking of contenders it was reported that Giancarlo Stanton will only accept a trade to the Cubs, Dodgers, Astros and Yankees. He had already declined a trade with the Cardinals and Giants which has made the Marlins options limited. The Marlins are making a big mistake in wanting to trade their franchise player away. He has done so much for the city of Miami and is the face of the franchise. I understand Derek Jeter wanting to bring a winning culture to the Marlins but there is no bigger winner than Stanton who was named MVP for 2017. If he ends up with any of those four teams that makes them an automatic World Series contender in my book. I will be looking forward to seeing how Ohtani does and where Stanton ends up at the start of the season.


Earlier this week it was announced that Georges St. Pierre has vacated the UFC Middleweight Championship and that Robert Whittaker who was the Interim Champion was elevated to Undisputed Champion. His first title defense will be at UFC 221 against Luke Rockhold who previously held the title before being defeated by Michael Bisping. I personally do not agree with this decision because Bisping was the last champion before GSP defeated him. I think it should have been Bisping vs. Whittaker with the winner taking on Luke Rockhold next. Many people will say Bisping doesn’t deserve a shot after his lost to Kelvin Gastelum but everyone forgets he did the company a favor by taking that fight after losing to GSP three weeks earlier. I think he should be rewarded with whatever fight he wants after taking on two tough fights that closely together. I believe Michael Bisping is a legend and will no doubt be in the UFC Hall of Fame one day. I also hope he will continue to be analyst on Fox Sports for the UFC because he provides a level of knowledge and entertainment that others don’t have. He says he has one more fight left in him and I will be curious to see who it might be against.


When it comes people who will be in the UFC Hall of Fame someday I have no doubt that Ronda Rousey will be there one day. There have been many reports and rumors that she has signed or is close to signing with WWE which leave the assumption that her UFC career is over. I have read a lot of comments on various groups and chats that WWE is the place where the fallen go to. Those statements have been directed at Rousey and Lesnar who have gone to WWE because they couldn’t handle a real fight in the UFC. Let’s get a few things straight regarding Lesnar and Rousey. Lesnar was starting to be at the peak of his UFC career when he came down with diverticulitis. The disease almost killed him and he was lucky to come out of the hospital as well as he did. Once he was diagnosed with the condition he was never able to train like he use and was not the same fighter before his health issues started. Lesnar made the smartest business decision he could and went back to WWE to become a major draw for the company. Most people don’t know that all of the cards Lesnar was on are all in the Top Ten for most pay-per-view buys in UFC history and in the top fifty among MMA, Boxing and WWE pay-per-view buys. He is a money maker, an athlete and a great draw for both companies. Ronda Rousey spent five years being the top woman in MMA and won her first twelve fights before losing her last two. She was the most dominant female fighter during her prime and she opened up many opportunities for women in the UFC. She is tough, beautiful, athletic and driven which will serve her well when she finally arrives to WWE. She will be a huge draw for WWE in the same way Lesnar has been for them. For people to discount or discredit what Rousey and Lesnar did in the UFC is absurd and downright ignorant. It’s pure MMA fans hating on WWE and not giving credit where credit is do. When she arrives to WWE she is going to make an immediate impact but for now I leave you with two images below as something to think about when she gets here in terms of a possible dream matches. Remember Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism. Hope you all stay safe, be smart and have a wonderful Holiday Season.


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