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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 1/11/2018

Welcome to a New Year for Hollywood’s World of Sports where things will be more controversial, more opinionated and more blunt than ever. We start the year off with one of the biggest stories that his hit the NFL in quite some time. Jon Gruden has left the broadcast booth at ESPN to become the coach of the Oakland Raiders once again. He was given a 10 year contract worth close to 100 million dollars and there have been many opinion on whether he is worth that kind of money. I think the Raiders pulled off a huge deal because if you think about it an analyst like Gruden has a great mind for football and has been studying all these teams for the last decade. He never wanted to leave Oakland and always felt it that he owed a Super Bowl to Oakland. A few days after he was presented to the media, a report came out that the Raiders may violated an NFL rule by not interviewing a minority candidate for the Raiders Head Coaching position. In my opinion, I think if a team has their mind made up then let them hire who they want. I think it’s worse if they waste everyone’s time when they already know who they want. I would hate to be misled into thinking I was getting a job when they had already made up their mind. Even if the Raiders get fined or punished they are going to make up for it from the diehard Oakland fans and the new fans they will make Las Vegas.

Speaking of Las Vegas, there is controversy with the city’s only sports team right now. The NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights have the United States Army breathing down their neck over the Golden Knight name and color scheme. They even took it as far as filing a claim with the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. If the Army was that upset about the name and color scheme they should have spoke up about it a couple of years ago when Las Vegas was planning the team name and colors. If I was Bill Foley and Black Knight Sports and Entertainment I’d royally pissed about this because they spent millions dollars in advertising, branding, marketing, and merchandising. I personally think they should come to an agreement that the Vegas Golden Knights set up a fund to help veterans in some way. The other idea is to offer special amenities to the Armed Forces when they come to games. I do feel that Vegas should not be stripped of their name, logo or color scheme due to how much money has been invested in it. If the Army was that upset about then it should have been addressed when Vegas was doing the planning for their team. I wish the Vegas Golden Knights nothing but the best in the future.

The Golden Knights of Vegas aren’t the only team in sports with that name who has been in the news as of late. The University of Central Florida who are also the Golden Knights have been making waves with their perfect season of 13-0. Even though Alabama won the National Championship game against Georgia it hasn’t stopped UCF from having a parade and the Governor of Florida declaring them the National Champions. I truly believe that UCF being undefeated gives even more reason to why the College Football Playoffs should be expanded to eight teams. I believe the winner of each conference in the Power Five should be in the playoffs then three teams with best overall records in Division 1. If you had more then one or two conferences represented you might actually make more money and have more interest. If UCF would have been in an eight team playoff who knows how they would have done. They could have gotten blown out or they might have actually shocked the world. Their undefeated season makes a strong case of why the playoffs need be changed and reevaluated. I also have to give credit to UCF fans for standing by their team and actually paying for a billboard in Tuscaloosa asking Alabama if they want to play them. Hopefully this time next year I will be writing about how the playoffs are being expanded and that teams like UCF will have an opportunity to prove that they are the best. Welcome to 2018 sports fans and welcome to a new year of controversy and criticism. Until next time be safe, be strong and remember Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!

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