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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 6/13/2018

The last week has been pretty eventful in the world of sports with two sports ending, careers be honored and one person getting a second chance in life after paying the price for his crimes. The NBA Finals end last Friday Night with the Golden State Warriors sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers right out of the championship round. I have heard many say it’s hard to create parity in the NBA, or others saying that the sport has enough parity and there isn’t a problem. When one team absolutely dominated the NBA Finals and made it look easy is telling me that there is a huge problem. The entire series was one sided except for Lebron’s epic performances. The league needs have stiffer salary cap restrictions to prevent these mega super teams from forming. There is no balance in the league right now and if Lebron goes out to the Western Conference you may as well eliminate the Eastern Conference. The West is loaded with teams that have depth, but you know the Eastern Conference is out of whack when the depth-less Cavaliers end up making it and not the Raptors, Celtics or 76ers. I am not a fan of Lebron James fan but this summer I hope one of two things happen. The first option is Lebron staying with the Cavaliers and Dan Gilbert actually building a team around him. The other option is Lebron should go to the Philadelphia 76ers. This would keep some strength in the East and it would give Lebron some longevity playing with much younger and skilled talent. It’s going to be an interesting summer with NBA Draft next week and the heavy free agent market.

Another big event taking place this summer is the UFC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. This past Saturday, it was announced that Ronda Rousey would be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. The typical haters came out and said she doesn’t deserve it, she can’t handle losing and that she’s overrated. Rousey deserves the honor of being the first women inducted because of all she did for women in MMA. I will still maintain the Gina Carano still deserves a lot of credit, but Ronda really did take it to another level. She was very marketable and had an incredible story to go along with her success. I am happy for Ronda Rousey that she’s getting honored and for the new success she’s creating for herself in WWE. When it comes to WWE and the UFC there is one person you probably never again in either company. CM Punk had his second fight against Mike Johnson and it was a beating that I would not want to sit through again. Punk lasted all three rounds but he had no business being in there. I give him credit for his toughness, his courage and his determination through all of this. When it comes right down to it no one wants to see CM Punk in an octagon. They want to see him in a professional wrestling being the “Best in the World.” I hope and pray that I see CM Punk back in a pro wrestling someday with either New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor. It’s where be long and it’s where he should be.

While Punk’s UFC career has seemingly ended there is a career in the octagon that’s just getting started. Former Carolina Panther and Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy recently appeared on Dana White’s Tuesday Contender Series. He was victorious by knockout in 57 seconds and was offered a UFC contract. I have been very skeptical of Hardy getting any type of chance after the domestic violence issues that arose with him. There is no time or place where you should ever put your hands on a women and hurt them. I will give Hardy credit for taking his punishment and consequences like a man. There are a lot of issues with NFL players and domestic violence which needs to change. Fortunately for Hardy he has paid the price, hit rock bottom and has started the road to redemption. At this point in time, if Dana White can give Greg Hardy a second chance then the NFL should be willing to give Ray Rice a chance. Rice has been more then remorseful over the years and has done a lot to correct his behavior. If the NFL can give Michael Vick a second chance after killing dogs then it can give Rice a second chance. I understand that a person must suffer the consequences for their actions, but if they show remorse and willing to change then let them have their second chance.

I have always been a believe in second chances and redemption stories. It’s those stories that make sports and life so great. When I think of second chances I think of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. He was ultimately given a second chance at his career and is now living his redemption story. I think every athlete, celebrity and human being should follow what he said in his come back speech, and that is “If you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you.” That is such great advice and a mindset to live by. With that being said we are at the of the street of the Corner of Controversy and Criticism. Until next time, be safe, be strong and remember “Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism.”

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