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Hawk’s Rules at Home Plate: Myths and Misconceptions Part 4

Featuring Doug “Hawk” Erickson

Doug “Hawk” Erickson is a former Little League Umpire Consultant and Rules Expert.  His umpire experience includes working three World Series (Little League World Series – 1995 and 2 Softball World Series), eight Regional Tournaments and, conducting two week long umpire schools annually for Little League Baseball. His training school played a huge role in Adam Hamari’s rise to becoming an MLB Umpire. He is serving his 49th year in youth baseball and softball and is currently a Babe Ruth State Commissioner for the States of Michigan and Wisconsin. He was inducted into the Upper Peninsula Little League Hall of Fame in 1995. Hawk’s Rules are based on his training school along with the manual and rules book he helped write. 

Rule 1.05 – HOME PLATE- Just remember that any ball hitting home plate is treated as any other batted ball since home plate is in fair territory.  Also remember that the black is not part of home plate.  The beveled edge is only to assist sliding players who are advancing to home plate.

Rule 1.12 – CATCHER MITT – The catcher must wear a catcher’s mitt (not a first baseman’s mitt or a fielder’s glove) of any shape, size or weight consistent with protecting the hand.

Rule 1.15 – THE PITCHER – Shall not wear sweat bands on the wrists.

ANSWER TO LAST WEEK’S QUESTION – If a pitcher comes in to the game with 2 outs and the score tied or behind and picks off a runner on base and then the team takes the lead in the next half inning.
NOTE – Rule 3.05(b) applies here.

This week’s question – When can the defense record 3 outs and never touch the ball once it leaves the pitcher’s hand?

Keep checking back for more of Hawk’s Rules At Home Plate.

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