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WWE and AEW Continuing On is the Right Move

Since the Corona Virus Pandemic started, I’ve tried my hardest to leave everything associated with it off of Hollywood’s World of Sports. It’s come to a point where there is so much negativity right now, and the fans complaining about shows being in empty arenas isn’t helping matter. Do you remember the movie A League of Their Own? The movie was based on real life events that took place during World War 2. When baseball was hurting due to all the boys going to the war, they didn’t just cave in completely. They formed the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. They continued to provide people at home with a sporting event and entertainment to take their mind off of what was going on in the world around them. The initial year was so successful the league last eleven years. It was the unselfish act of coming together when times were tough and giving us all something to rally behind.

Now I understand that the pandemic is different from World War 2 and even 9/11, but history has shown that Vince McMahon has always stood in the face of adversity. I can honestly tell you that when 9/13/2001 came around, I was happily distracted for two hours as the stars of WWE came together to put on an amazing show. For those two hours I felt America was restored and we were going to be okay. The Corona Virus is spreading very rapidly and is contagious, which is why I applaud all the AEW and WWE performers for going out and putting on a show for everyone. Pro Wrestlers often talk about the sacrifices they make to entertain the fans. This is the biggest risk and sacrifice they could make to take our mind off everything. Instead of complaining about empty arenas and matches changing, we should be appreciative that they are giving us original content and putting on a show to distract us from everything else. I also applaud both companies for letting their performers make the choice on whether or not they want to perform or not. The health and well-being of the performers is the most important thing just like it is with everyone else effected by this pandemic.

I absolutely 100 percent believe that AEW and WWE are doing the right thing and doing the best they can with the current circumstances. If they weren’t running, lets face the cold hard truth. You’d be complaining about old re-runs and how there is nothing new on TV. I believe that AEW and NXT are doing a wonderful job providing us with great wrestling matches and continuing to tell great stories. As far as Wrestlemania going ahead as planned, I am all for it. It will be a great two days to not think about all the negative stuff in the world right now. Who cares if the card is changing and superstars are pulling out to protect their health. That is their right and their choice. Remember folks it always says, CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE. If changes need to be made than let them be made. If it comes down to it and AEW and WWE are both forced to shut down than I applaud both of them for going as long as they could. We all should be applauding and supporting the pro wrestling industry at a time like this.

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