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Is Ronda Rousey Blurring the Lines of Reality and Make Believe?(Opinion)

Over the last several days, an interview and several Tweets have surfaced of Ronda Rousey talking very negatively about the pro wrestling fans. In so many words she said they were ungrateful and wasn’t going to waste her energy on them. Then she referred to WWE and pro wrestling as “fake fighting,” which sent shockwaves throughout wrestling and a lot of backlash her way. She then said that everyone fell for her “work.” In pro wrestling, a work i something that’s scripted or that’s part of kayfabe. A shoot in wrestling is something that’s not scripted and brings out the real elements of the business. There are a lot mixed opinions and emotions about what Rousey has said. Some say she is working an angle and others have taken what she has said to heart. From my perspective, if this were angle she would have reappeared on WWE television and addressed the fans.

I’ve heard heels in the business do interviews with the media before and have never used the type of language she used. The interview and the Twitter activity was just another example of Rousey playing the victim., and this isn’t the first time it’s happen. In reality, Rousey was a great one dimensional fighter in the UFC at a time when everyone else was a mediocre one dimensional fighter. When people finally starting training for her she couldn’t adapt. When she didn’t adapt, she quit and avoided any conversation about her losses and what she could have done better. Most professional athletes work harder when they lose or don’t succeed at something. Being in WWE was just another example of her attitude getting the best to her. When fans started seeing through her and her inability to adapt they started getting frustrated. It also didn’t help that she cost Alexa Bliss a year of her career and was unapologetic about it. The backlash didn’t just start with this recent interview and her Tweets following the interview. It started when she injured Alexa and continued to do the same things in the ring. It also started when Becky Lynch was getting the best of Ronda on the microphone and Ronda didn’t adapt to that too well either. There have been a lot of contributing factors to her receiving backlash and criticism.

One of the things she said that I found really odd is that she said pro wrestlers couldn’t handle being in 200 real fights in a year. The last time I checked, Mixed Martial Artists only fight at best like four times a year. They a lot of time to recover where pro wrestlers on the major level don’t have that time to recover. It’s her attitude and comments like these that have tarnished her image and legacy. Had she learned from her failures and worked harder she could have accomplished even more than what she did. Instead, she played the victim, she blamed others and refuse to acknowledge her shortcomings. If anyone has worked themselves into a shoot it’s her because she can’t handle her own reality. I personally hope she doesn’t return to WWE because I don’t think she can handle the heat and the damage has been done. She will never be embraced or welcomed by the WWE Universe again.

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  1. As big of a mark that she is & the fact that she still has friends in the business, I’m leaning towards the opinion that she’s developing heat. If she comes back, she doesn’t want a pop. Especially if she’s going to be in Baszler’s corner. I know Baszler loves being a heel almost as much as Corbin.

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