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Review of NBA 2K12

Past, Present, and Future all combined in one game. NBA 2K12 could quite possibly be the greatest basketball game to ever come out on any game system. The presentation, the style of play and difficulty of the game is 100 percent real to how the game of basketball is played.

They have teams from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. For each of those era’s they have the same TV presentation that they did back then. The 60’s are in black and white, 70’s are barely color, the 80’s and 90’s get better with them times. It should also be noted that in the 60’s and 70’s games they do not have a three point line.

For online users, they have roster updates, live scoring from actual games being played and a lot new features.   Online features are becoming more in-depth in sports video games and this one is no different.

I mentioned all the different era’s you can play in. Here is the list of teams you can unlock and play as in NBA 2K12.

85–86 Boston Celtics
71–72 Los Angeles Lakers
84–85 Philadelphia 76ers
94–95 New York Knicks
90–91 Los Angeles Lakers
92–93 Chicago Bulls
97–98 Utah Jazz
93–94 Houston Rockets
95–96 Chicago Bulls
70–71 Milwaukee Bucks
64–65 Boston Celtics
97–98 Utah Jazz
88–89 Detroit Pistons
70–71 Los Angeles Lakers

So as you can see not only the current rosters are deep but so are past team rosters. This game is a must own for all basketball fans so get on the virtual hard-court today and pick up NBA 2K12
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